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Round knife automatic cutting machine

SFK 1625 fabric automatic  cutting machine:

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SFK automatic  fabric cutter features:

Automatic processing, reduced dependence on personnel:
The machine is equipped with an automatic cloth correction system. With the continuous cutting process, the cloth will be automatically returned and corrected. Continuous processing is fast and accurate. One person can operate the machine, reducing the cost of labor.
Simple to install and easy to operate:
Installation can be completed in half an hour. The SFK series comes with an electric control switch and gas path interface. The customer only needs to install the tool to start the machine. Detailed video instructions provided by Amor demonstrate how to operate the control software. Even someone with no software experience will learn the operation in one day.

Three cutting head types:Nesting is done in one minute:
The SFK series comes with a super nesting system. It takes only one minute to provide the customer with the perfect layout scheme. Manual nesting takes 30 to 40 minutes. Faster nesting increases the material utilization rate by more than 5%.
Electronic management of the sample:
The SFK series is computer-controlled. Customers can turn paper templates into electronic data and then digitally manage the data. During the cutting process, data is transmitted quickly. Operators no long have the difficult task of managing paper templates, and templates are no longer damaged by manual cutting.
Automatic processing operation uses less space:
The SFK series needs only 3mx6m for installation to complete the processing of materials, unlike the space needed for manual cutting.
Able to process different materials:
The SFK series provides fast cutting for a variety of materials, including printed cloth, polyester cloth, non-woven cloth, leather, and microfiber leather.

Customers can choose different cutting heads according to their own cutting requirements. The customer can also choose different types of cutter heads, and the cutter heads can be easily replaced.

Circle Knife fabric cuttingPneumatic-cutter-fabric1Vibrating knife cutting fabric
Circle Knife: Can quickly cut flexible materials, suitable for cutting fabrics, leather materials, widely used in sofas, clothing industry.Pneumatic cutter: According to different materials, it can cut 6-15 layers, often used with round knife, so that it can not only meet single-layer cutting, but also realize multi-layer cutting.Vibrating knife: suitable for cutting thick flexible materials. Cutting standards, high precision, widely used in automotive interiors, carpet cutting.
Cutting Width1.6m/1.8m/2m (Customizable)
Cutting Length1.3m/2.5m (Customizable)

Product details:

Aerospace aluminum plate adsorption platform02Platform with 4 mm-thick felt imported from Italy02Platform with 4 mm-thick felt:

4mm-thick felt platform with materials imported from Italy and EU certification guarantees quality and a longer service life.

Automatic deviation system:

The automatic correction system developed by our company ensures accurate feeding and automatic recovery of cloth to enable the correction of different kinds of rolls and fabrics.

Aerospace aluminum plate adsorption platformAerospace aluminum plate adsorption platform02Aerospace aluminum plate adsorption platform:

Special aerospace aluminum materials ensure the flatness of the cutting platform and enhance the suction of the adsorbing felt platform. During the cutting, the processing materials are firmly fixed on the platform.

Scientific wiringScientific wiring02Scientific wiring:

All lines use high-purity copper wire for excellent conductivity so that the machine operates for a long time. The copper also facilitates later maintenance of the machine.

Machine packaging detailsMachine packaging details02Machine packaging details:

The internal packaging of the machine is divided into three layers: plastic film winding, plastic cover and foam isolation. The machine is extremely well-protected and moisture-proofed for long-distance deliveries. The outer packaging is made up of thickened plywood, wooden side and bottom and the metal bar, which not only guarantees the protection of equipment in long-distance transportation, but also facilitates the loading and unloading of the equipment.More about SFK configurations…

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Can meet the fast cutting of fabric and leather. Cutting standards. There is no shear leakage. The cutting process is divided into punching and cutting, which can be switched to meet the processing requirements of different materials.

SFK automatic cutter works at customer’s factory

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