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MCK Multi-Ply automatic Cutter

MCK Multi-Ply automatic Cutter

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The MCK computer-automated cutting bed is the latest generation of high-end tailoring machines used by European and American manufacturers to cut large quantities of fabric. The maximum cutting thickness after vacuum adsorption is 75mm. The length of conventional cutting is 2500mm.

Product features:

The discharge system is determined by the computer, and the computer combined with the manual processes greatly improves discharging efficiency.

  • The equipment can achieve zero spacing cutting and saves raw materials.
  • Computer-control automatic cutting eliminates the need for a large number of cutting workers.
  • Cutting precision is high. Since the workers do not have to stitch the cutting plates directly, their efficiency is greatly improved.
  • Tailor-bed control software supports multi-source data format for commonly used clothing design and typesetting software.
  • Unique algorithm and motion control technology create a seamless connection between the straight line and the arc line for superior cutting precision.

The equipment uses automatic tool-grinding technology and adapts to the characteristics of the fabric, which prolongs the service life of the cutter.

  • There is no need to print paper, and it has convenient storage and a high utilization rate for an efficient management process.

Easy replacement of consumables and low replacement costs

High degree of automation and simple operation.

1.The MCK uses the European and American design concept of a single-sided sharpening system, instead of the original double wheel rotating structure, so that the sharpness of the blade is doubled. Also, the air grinding tool saves time and improves tailoring efficiency.

2. The vacuum box uses uniform adsorption, avoiding the misshapening of the fabric that is caused by the conventional adsorption mode (the flow direction of the vacuum box flows from one end to the other side) and ensures optimum cutting accuracy. The air pump created by the motor fan reduces energy consumption and increases the force of suction, while the noise is much less than that caused by a sub pump.

3. The head frame is made of steel and chrome-plated material, which makes it more than twice as strong as the traditional head frame made of aluminum and greatly improves the stability and service life of the head.

4. Data compatibility: AMOR connects to the global PLT file format, which means that all CAD software can output drawing files and clipping files.

5. The number of support beams is doubled, improving the stability of the bed and prolonging its life.

The film is covered, equipped with vacuum box adsorption. The material is fixed firmly on the platform, ensuring the process is perfectly uniform and capable of processing large quantities of orders.