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  • Fabric automatic cutting machine

  • Laser engraving machine

  • Sponge forming machine

  • CNC Composite Plywood Cutter


A specialized solution

Not only to provide cutting equipment, but from the model input, software processing to the automated cutting equipment, to provide customers with a set of cutting programs, Choose us to help customers easily transition from traditional manual crop to digital automatic crop. We have rich experience in fabric cutting services, according to different production needs of customers,

Cutting materials to provide the most suitable solution, and to provide customers with the most professional advice on the use of equipment, equipment will be easily put into production, to provide customers with more efficient, more material-saving cutting Program.

A specialized solution

Online training services.

Online training services.

We provide our customers with detailed web tutorials, which include software operation, machine operation, simple machine maintenance and care three, Customers choose our equipment, through these tutorials, can easily and quickly grasp the operation of the equipment, and a 24-hour professional technical trainer for customers to answer machine operation problems.

In addition, our company also provides customers with international technical dispatch services, if the customer needs, customers can provide on-site technical staff guidance.

High-quality automatic cutting equipment.

My company specializes in producing automatic cloth cutting machine, the supply of equipment, customers can provide “spot delivery” service, the customer will shorten the cycle of imported equipment 15 days; In equipment technology, our company independently developed automatic spreading system, can be for the roll fabric, scattered to achieve accurate automatic feeding, and in the process of feeding to overcome the deformation of elastic fabric, To ensure the accuracy of feeding; in terms of equipment quality, our equipment has been upgraded to “the fifth generation”, whether it is cutting system, or the transmission system are very stable and durable, to provide customers with reliable quality Of the products, to ensure the normal production of customers.

High-quality automatic cutting equipment