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Q. How to Best Maintain the Laser in Winter2017-12-28T00:23:37+00:00

Winter is coming, temperatures are dropping and it’s time to remind our laser machine customers how to winterize the equipment.

Carbon dioxide laser products

  1. Carbon dioxide laser tubes are water cooled. The temperature needs to be controlled at 25 degrees C, because at this temperature, the energy is the strongest.

Note:   It is as important to prevent high temperatures in the summer as it is to prevent freezing temperatures in the winter.

2. When temperatures are below freezing and the equipment is not being used, water remaining in the laser tube will expand until it cracks the laser cooling layer. The laser tube will then not work properly, and it cannot be replaced.

Please avoid unnecessary and expensive losses by following these steps carefully:

  1. Turn off power to the machine.
  2. Use an air pump or air compressor (less than 0.3 MP) to drain all the water from the laser tube.
  3. Drain all water from the water pipe.
  4. Use cold water machine or pump customers can be removed or chiller pump placed in
  5. Avoid unnecessary problems to the equipment by placing the cold water machine and water pump indoors in warmer temperatures to prevent ice from forming in the water circulation equipment and damaging its parts. You might also want to completely drain the cold water machine and water pump.
  6. Do not put antifreeze into the laser tube. It will diminish the quality of the light and adversely affect heat dissipation, which will reduce the power of the machine and its service life.
  7. If you encounter a problem, place the machine in an environment with a constant temperature.
  8. Do not immediately open the laser after adding water. Wait for the water to cycle to 20 degrees C to prevent the laser tube from bursting.
  9. It is not safe to open the cold water machine without the use of equipment.
  10. Check all parts of the equipment for a residue of water that will damage related components. Make sure the components are thoroughly cleaned to avoid major problems.