About Us

Amor company is a professional for the sofa,custom apparel and other upholstered furniture industry to provide intelligent fabric cutting equipment manufacturers, the existing SCL, DCL, SCK, MCK four cutting models, to meet the customer’s different materials, single-layer automatic cutting and more Layer automation tailoring needs.

In addition, our company is gradually forming a three-dimensional supply of upholstered furniture production equipment, not only to meet the needs of the upholstered furniture fabrics, but also to provide customers with the sofa plywood of the standardization of production equipment, sponge automation setting machine and the bottom of the sofa logo engraving machine, to achieve the upholstered production of the furniture mechanization, intelligent.
We can be reached via email, telephone, and fax. We are bilingual, easily accessible and readily available. allowing you to achieve software furniture Intelligent production, master production initiative.

History Of Amor

In 2017
automatic circular knife cnc cutting machine Mass production

SCK series of fabric cutting machines begins mass production, resulting in a series of products that meets the diverse demands of customers.

In 2015

The company begins vigorous development of the K series automatic fabric cutter for customized sofa production and a one-minute, quick-change size software system.

In 2014
Laser cutting machine mass production

The company moves into a 5000-square-meter plant to be able to standardize mass production of the SCL series of laser fabric cutting machine and upgrade to the fourth generation machine.

In 2013
Laser cutting machine research and development

The company changes the market thinking of the upholstered furniture industry as the result of extensive research and development (R&D) and production of the first automatic feeding fabric cutting machine.