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702, 2018

Whether your sofa factory is also facing these problems?

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With the subject of consumer market getting younger and younger, the concept of consumers is undergoing changes and is gradually changing from brand awareness to personalized new consumption ideas. If the sofa manufacturers want to get better development, we must respect the changes in

2901, 2018

Visit a sofa intelligent production plant

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In August of this year, a customer who bought our automatic furniture cutting machine,he ordered another plywood multilayer cutting machine. I went to a client factory with my colleagues in charge of machine training, and I had the opportunity to visit the production plant

2701, 2018

Furniture fabric cutting has become a difficult problem for the boss

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The furniture industry generally faces two major problems: 1, the production model is backward; 2, facing the fierce competition market The problems in the production model include the following: 1. The workers' wages are getting higher and the management is getting more and more

2812, 2017

Laser engraving technology

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With the rapid development of photonics technology, laser engraving technology range more widely, Increasingly demanding high precision carving. The most fundamental element of effecting laser engraving: engraving speed, laser power, engraving precision and materials. On the specific materials to achieve a certain effect engraving,