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Amor Technology is a professional for the sofa, custom apparel and other upholstered furniture industry to provide intelligent cutting equipment manufacturers.
Not only to meet the needs of the upholstered furniture fabrics, but also to provide customers with the sofa plywood of the standardization of production equipment, sponge automation setting machine and the bottom of the sofa logo engraving machine, to achieve the upholstered production of the furniture mechanization, intelligent.

Industry advantage

The automatic processing of upholstered furniture needs more than machinery; it needs a set of solutions. We have provided solutions to more than 500 furniture manufacturers. Our experience allows us to provide you with an in-depth understanding of digital processing and expert guidance in selecting the proper equipment for your particular business needs.

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How to guide the professional solutions

You really want mechanized production and processing, but you need to know more about it. For instance, what kind of mechanized processing solution is most suitable for you? The complete set of automated programs include what procedures? What do you need to look for to find your perfect automatic processing equipment?

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  • Laser-wood-cutting-machine

Why use a laser cutter to cut the MDF

One day in October of 2017, I came to a customer's factory—a factory specializing in the production of MDF frames. My old customer, the owner of this factory,


“Our efficiency has improved greatly with Amor machines. We manufacture many customized products, so we have to add and subtract sizes. Before installing Amor equipment, we would usually cut three sets per day. Now, we easily process 15 sets in one day.”

fabric laser cutter customer yanYan

“Like many people, I was concerned while deciding among equipment manufacturers. To ease my uncertainty, I went to China to study the equipment in person. I chose Amor, because I was warmly welcomed for a tour of their factory and because there is a professional for upholstered furniture. That impressed me since I manufacture sofas.”

fabric laser cutter customer DavidDavid

“Amor sent us an engineer who was very patient in teaching us how to operate the machine. We found that, for each set of sofas, the machine cut helped me to save about one meter of fabric. I no longer have to worry about the waste, as I did with our previous manual layout. In addition to saving fabric, the machine helped lower the costs of labor and operation.”

fabric laser cutter customor JC MerelesJC Mereles