We are Family– Amor CNC Laser Co. Ltd.

A successful company is the sum of its parts. In other words, every staff member is a valuable contributor. We learn together, work together and play together. We are a family in every sense of the word.

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We are the leading international manufacturer and supplier of CNC Laser Fabric Cutting Machines. Because of our sales engineers’ ability to provide solutions for our customers in both a professional and personal way, we have won the trust and respect of the furniture manufacturing industry. Our high standing in the industry has resulted in a number of media reports that have highlighted our company and our products.

Workshop Workers

There are the times that we have to be serious to provide for our customers the best product. There are the times that we celebrate. At the annual meeting, we receive the message that the company will do all possible for us to enjoy the work and enjoy our lives and that the company has prepared for us rich new rewards in the coming year.

Our Team


Workshop Director
I was employed in equipment installation for many years and understand each step of the production process. I ensure that every installation meets or exceeds company standards to continue our reputation for quality.


Domestic sales department
To date, I have conducted training sessions for more than 100 factories. It is my pleasure to meet with our customers and share my knowledge of our equipment. My enthusiasm is based on my utter confidence in our product.


Warehouse supervisor
I oversee the company’s warehouses to ensure that equipment is distributed, installed and recycled for maximum efficiency.


International Sales
I communicate with customers to fully understand their needs so that I can advise them how our products will solve their manufacturing problems.


International customer service
My favorite part of the job is training customers around the world and getting to know them. I also appreciate having the opportunity to visit other parts of the world.

Domestic Sales
I like making the deal, but I value more the trust and friendship of the customer after using our equipment.


Device Inspection Supervisor
I am responsible for detecting any flaws in the equipment before it leaves the factory. This step in our process is of utmost importance in maintaining quality.

R & D department
I graduated from the Harbin Institute of Technology where I was engaged in mechanical equipment research. I go to the customer’s site and use the equipment. I am then able to make upgrades to the equipment that will improve the customer’s processes and products.