Project Description

DCL laser fabric cutting machine

DCL automatic laser fabric cutting machine

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  1. DCL core components and functions
  2. Product-related parameters
  3. Three features of the product’s rapid processing
  4. Cost and efficiency of operation
  5. Detailed list of products

Overall description

The DCL automatic fabric cutting machine takes the cutting of soft furniture from its traditionally labor-intensive past to a technology-based present and future. Traditional processing is very demanding in the workforce. For one reason, the material needs to be compacted to avoid waste. The automatic sofa cutting machine saves 1m-2m of cloth for each sofa compared to manual processing. In addition, the machine’s numerically controlled operation results in standardized cutting, which greatly improves the quality of the sofas produced.

The comparison of digital processing and traditional processing

  1. The traditional kraft paper template can be digitally scanned into the computer quickly and accurately and a vector map generated. Both the cutting edges and the cutting ports can be inputted. If the size of the cardboard exceeds the scanning range, two or more parts of it can be input. Not only is the scanning process easy to learn, but even if the kraft paper template is damaged or faded, the accuracy of the input is not affected. Digital processing makes the work less labor intensive for workers, saves time, and improves the utilization rate of the material.
  2. The customization is convenient and quick to satisfy the customer’s customization demand. With the software interface, the customer can quickly and accurately change the size of the cutting pieces to meet the customization needs. In addition to being able to quickly customize production, the customer can also change the size of the cutting piece, ensure the symmetry of the pieces and eliminate the duplication that is part of manual typesetting.
  3. Improve the utilization rate of materials.

All the digitized pieces are arranged automatically in the software to maximize the use of the cloth. The nesting speed is more than 10 times the speed of manual discharge. Save time and cloth. A customer can save 12m-15m per sofa compared to 1m saved with manual typesetting machine. The nesting photo can be stored in the computer. You do not have to re-scan each time.

  1. Digital storage

The model of the sofa is established as a database file for unified management. The digital model includes surface cloth, non-woven fabric, cloth pattern template (brushed fabric) model.The paperboard is digitized to eliminate deposit from the cardboard, to free up space and better utilize the factory area.

Comparing with the ordinary automatic machine advantage

The processing speed can be increased by 1 times

*Double laser head processing at the same time, shorten the processing time

*Single processing format reached 4.5m, more than the average automatic cutting machine 1.5m, shorten the number of feeding。

Reduce customer capital investment

Double laser head efficiency equivalent to two ordinary laser cutting machine and the cost of the customer is far lower than the price of two ordinary laser cutting machine.

It can meet the processing of different materials.

Facing cloth, nonwoven fabric, linen cloth and felt cloth are four kinds of fabrics commonly used in the sofa processing industry. Ordinary cutting machines can process facing cloth, but not the other three kinds of cloth, particularly felt, the most difficult to process due to its elasticity. The traditional feeding machine roller cannot manage the elasticity. It stretches the cloth and pulls it out of shape so that it can no longer be processed. Our automatic cutting machine has auxiliary cylinder pressure. The material is tightly pressed onto the platform, and the synchronous operation of the feeding motor ensures that the materials will remain firmly fixed on the platform, ensuring that the material is not ruined and the cutting is accurate.

Product specifications:

Cutting Width1.6m/1.8m (Customizable)
Cutting Length1.0m/1.3m/3m (Customizable)

Wind design on the surround

An exhaust system ensures that there is no smoke during the rapid laser processing, which provides a more pleasant and healthful environment for operators.

Automatic deviation system

The automatic correction system developed by our company ensures accurate feeding and automatic recovery of cloth to enable the correction of different kinds of rolls and fabrics.

Smoke treatment system

The company is committed to creating "environment-friendly" production equipment. Independent R&D resulted in a smoke-treatment filter system for smoke-free processing.

Scientific wiring

All lines use high-purity copper wire for excellent conductivity so that the machine operates for a long time. The copper also facilitates later maintenance of the machine.

Machine packaging details

The internal packaging of the machine is divided into three layers: plastic film winding, plastic cover and foam isolation. The machine is extremely well-protected and moisture-proofed for long-distance deliveries. The outer packaging is made up of thickened plywood, wooden side and bottom and metal bar, which not only guarantees protection of equipment in long-distance transportation, but also facilitates the loading and unloading of the equipment.

Elastic fabric and notched display

Can meet the different sofa fabric cutting, cutting standards Cut port standard, will not appear shear leakage of the case

Automatic feeding system

The flexible inner sofa cloth can be processed perfectly. The automatic feeder eliminates the tendency of the elastic cloth to stretch out and become misshapened.

Multi-layer processing program

For multi-layer processing, customers can use the laser marking mode to speed up processing and achieve double efficiency.