If we call the automatic cutting solution for the cloth the “best cutting master”, then the intelligent software is the brain of the cutting master. Why do you say that? Because a cutting worker’s skill level is determined by his ability to manage the patterns. /The intelligent software with high management ability and simple operation. Its operation interface is divided into three windows: pattern input, pattern management, and super nesting.

You only need to select the corresponding window to complete the operation: Pattern input window to complete the paper pattern input and drawing graphics.

The pattern management window can not only complete the change of the pattern name, number, and size but also copy the graphic into another style, realizing intelligent management between the two styles.

When we confirm the graphics data, you can enter the super nesting window. Set the width of the nesting graphics, the nesting direction according to the texture of the fabric; and then click the automatic nesting. It takes only 1 minute to complete the nesting work. Not only greatly reduce the manual nesting time, but also for customers to save 5% of the fabric.

We send the nesting graphics to the machine’s cutting software, then the automatic fabric cutting machine starts working.

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