Automatic fabric cutter subverts the manual cutting fabric in three aspects of the pattern management, nesting, and cutting mode.To provide customers with more efficient, standard and automated production solutions.To reduce customer production costs, enhance customer market competitiveness.

automatic fabric cutting machine

From manual cutting fabric into automatic machine cutting, the digitizer played a role as the bridge

It converts paper patterns into very precise electronic data.

Can achieve 1: 1 data conversion and the operator does not have any CAD skills requirements, the operation is very simple.

We put the paper model on the digitizer, only need to press 3 keys on the handle to digital conversion.

Press button “A” to input the straight line of the pattern, button “B” to input the curve, and button “1 “to input the cut mouth of the pattern.

What should we do when the pattern size is larger than the working area of the digitizer?

Very simple, we can divide the pattern into two times, and then splice it in the software.

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