SFK fast fabric automatic cutting machine:

Automatic cutting steps:

The template is entered into the computer (CAD drawing) → computer nesting automatically → AMOR fabric cutting machine → sorting.

product description:

AMOR flexible material CNC cutting system – SFK series, equipped with intelligent CAD layout software, to achieve standardized cutting, save time, high efficiency, changed the traditional processing mode. Future Industry 4.0 standard products.

SFK Series Features:

1. AMOR independently developed control system adopts advanced DSP controller to ensure faster and more stable operation.

2. Arbitrary replacement of cutting heads, dual heads, can switch tools at any time according to different materials to make cutting easier.

3, the platform structure, using 60mm thick honeycomb aluminum platform, durable, no deformation.

4. AMOR’s main operating agencies adopt servo motors imported from Japan to ensure more accurate cutting, faster operation, and more stable.

5, AMOR continuous feeding system can cut the coil indefinitely, and configure the automatic correction function in the feeding process to prevent the material from cutting errors due to feeding.

6, 7-inch large touch screen, one-touch change parameters to achieve human-computer dialogue.

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