SFK1625 automatic fabric cutting machine configuration


1.X, Y Japan-made servo motor: meets the needs of rapid processing of fabrics to ensure that long processing is not lost.

2.Double head configuration: round knife and punching knife with the fabric cutting the contours and the blade were achieved; the process is smoother and more efficient.

3.Blanket feeding platform: 4mm thickness of the felt, reducing the processing of the blanket on the replacement frequency, so that the platform can be used longer.

4.Continuous cutting system: can be automatically spread, automatic feeding, to achieve continuous processing of long fabrics, saving equipment space, reducing manual work and improving processing efficiency;

5.The overall welding cutting machine: the whole net weight of 1.2 tons, using the whole welding process to ensure the stability of the cutting process, the bed is not easily deformed.

6.Z-axis automatic lifting device enables the movement to the different depths of the knife, with fine adjustments of the knife.

7.Automatic spreader feeder: equipped with automatic correction, automatic feeding and automatic return of the device. The cutting of long cloth and large volumes of cloth can be done with precision feeding and without manual correction.

8.Feed governor: can be set to feed the speed and ensure that feeding, correction, and cutting are done collaboratively.

9.Formation of the work surface: the use of aviation aluminum material, so that suction is more uniform and the processing table is flatter. 10.Vacuum adsorption pump uses frequency and double steering pump, thus reducing the processing power consumption and facilitating smoother feeding.

11.Pneumatic binder device: in the feeding process, to ensure the integrity of the material and enable the table to achieve flatter feeding.

12. Safety devices: anti-collision devices ensure that SFK automatic fabric cutting machine’s high-speed operations maximize the safety of the operator.

SFK1625 automatic cloth cutting machine configuration

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