One day in October of 2017, I came to a customer’s factory—a factory specializing in the production of MDF frames. My old customer, the owner of this factory, Mr Lin. He has worked with AMOR for 4 years and has 6 of our 260W laser MDF cutting machines, and it is still in use today.



Recalling MR Lin’s cooperation with us four years ago, he was at the stage of starting a business. He just started producing MDF frames, but he has not been able to solve the problem of coloring the edge of the MDF frame. If ordinary CNC machine is used to cut MDF, after cutting is completed, it needs to be ground and then colored. This requires a lot of processes, wasting a lot of labor, and artificially coloring unevenly, resulting in high production costs and high defective rates. Cannot meet the needs of the market.
At the time, when purchasing the laser MDF cutter, Mr. Lin took a 12mm-thick MDF and came to our factory for experimental cutting. When the cutting was completed, he was very satisfied. He said happily: This is the laser machine I wanted and finally I found the right one. Of course, since then we have started cooperation, and now Mr Lin has become a big boss with a net profit of 5 million a year from an entrepreneur.


So why are laser cutting machines ideal for cutting MDF frames?
1, The cutting section is smooth and does not need to be polished. Laser cutting of the density plate, the cutting surface is very smooth, can be used directly, no need for secondary polishing and polishing;
2. The laser-cut MDF has a uniform black color in the cutting section. This is the result sought by many MDF manufacturers. It does not require manual secondary coloring;
3, High-precision laser cutting can not only achieve precise cutting but also can be very fine engraving on the surface of the density board.