Why laser machine cutting printed fabric?
Nowadays printing technology is widely used in different industry such as banners, flags, sportswear, and swimsuit. What is the best solution for cutting these printing fabric and textile? Traditional manually cutting or mechanical cutting has many limitations. Laser cutting becomes the most popular solution for contour cut. While in AMOR Laser, you will get more than what you can image.

Advantages of contour detection
1) No required the original graphics files
2) Directly detect roll printed fabrics
3) Automatic without manual intervention
4) Recognition within 5 seconds of the whole cutting area

•Saves your time
•Saves your labor cost
•Saves your materials
•Create the max added value for your products

Vision Laser Cutting Machine application
•Sportswear, sports garment, swimsuit, and all printed fabrics
•Strips & plaids cutting suit, shirt, dress
•Fabric with Repetitive Visual Motifs
•Arabesquitic luxury bags, suitcase, and sofa upholstery
•Advertising banners, flags, vinyl billboard and all polyester printed signs

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