The biggest feature of metal/non-metal laser cutting machine: a machine that can meet the cutting of thin metal and thick non-metallic materials, saving customers the cost of purchasing machines.
When customers choose metal/non-metal laser cutting machine, in addition to considering the price, they also need to choose different configurations according to their own actual needs. The general customer needs to consider two issues: First, the cutting capacity requirements; the second is the cutting Accuracy requirements.

Laser power



The customer can choose the appropriate power according to their own actual conditions. In general, the greater the laser power, the stronger the cutting ability. If it is mainly cutting non-metal materials, we recommend to select 150W laser power. If cutting metal is less than 3mm, we recommend to select 260W or 300W laser.

Transmission system:

Stepper motor with super wide belt with built-in wire

Japanese servo system equipped with ball screw drive

The biggest difference between the two systems is that in the cutting accuracy, if the customer has high requirements on the cutting accuracy, we recommend to choose the Japanese Panasonic servo motor equipped with ball screw drive, the cutting of the higher stability / higher precision.

However, the stepper motor and belt drive can meet the cutting needs of most