Upholstered furniture cutter

AMOR provides solutions for cloth cutting, particularly the highly specialized cloth cutting needed for the manufacture of soft furniture. We produce four models, SCL, DCL, SFK and MCK, each providing customized solutions for customers. The overall advantage of our machinery is the reduction of manual labor by automation.

CNC Composite Plywood Cutter

AMOR provides the total solution for the sofa and soft bed plywood cutting industry. Automatic sectional discharge can be generated according to the size of the processed sheet. The whole sheet can be processed and standardized automatically. The equipment includes a vacuum cleaning device to make the processing a cleaner operation and the processing site cleaner for operators.

Laser engraving machine

The equipment can engrave a customized, detailed logo into the bottom of the sofa. Customers have the freedom to design the style of the logo, the presentation of the company’s name and any other desired details. The result is a delicate and uniform engraving that distinguishes the sofa as a quality product.

Sponge forming machine

AMOR machines have automatic setting equipment to cut the sponge for the sofa cushion into any shape, whether an inclined plane, a circular arc, or a shape determined by the customer. The cushion is finely rendered at optimal speed.