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Process Solutions

Upholstered & leather furniture cutting

Instead of simply providing you with a piece of cutting equipment, we provide a system of automatic cutting. You learn how to digitally convert paper patterns, how to quickly achieve super-nesting, and how fabrics are automatically and accurately transmitted. This equipment will change your current production pattern and add utmost efficiency and ease.

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Traditional sofa plywood cutting is a dangerous job and requires workers with high levels of skill. The automatic Amor solution standardizes plywood cutting and makes it easier, more efficient and safer.

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Furniture Plywood cutting
Wooden Furniture Logo engra

To be competitive, your sofas have to stand out from the crowd. And what makes them stand out is attention to detail and a personalized approach. With the Amor sofa bottom logo engraving program, you can distinguish your products from those of your competitors.

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What is your cushion sponge shape? Right angle or arc? Take a look at what Amor has for you. The complexity of sponge molding becomes simple and efficient. Your product is more elegant, more appealing to your customers and more competitive.

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Sofa Cushion Sponge Forming
How to buy a automatic machine

A good machine can make your production more precise and more efficient, save you processing costs, and make your product more competitive. The wrong machine will only bring you trouble. So how do you buy the right automatic fabric cutter?

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Digital intelligent production has changed a lot of the original production and processing mode, so that sofa, clothing and other manufacturers always maintain the initiative to produce.

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