AMO-1390 laser engraving machine

//AMO-1390 laser engraving machine
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Project Description

AMO-1390laser engraving machine

AMO-1390 laser engraving machine

AMO1390 laser engraving machine

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The AMO1390 is designed for engraving the cross brace at the bottom of the sofa. It has the advantage of being able to process more than one piece of wood at a time. The machine has a two-headed, simultaneous engraving system that has the precision of laser processing for efficient and beautifully refined designs on the support at the bottom of the sofa. The exquisitely engraved logo enhances product quality and makes the product more competitive.


  1. Automated cartography: According to the desired design, the customer is free to set or change the engraving template.
  2. Exquisite design: Compared with other methods, laser engraving is more uniform and more refined with letters as small as 1mm x 1mm.
  3. Increased value: The value of engraving is not limited to the logo and name of the manufacturer, it also highlights the quality of the product and increases the ability to be competitive.


Aluminum plate platform

Endless cutting length for your laser engraving machine


Two laser heads work in tandem

The two heads cut at the same time, and the customer has the efficiency of two machines without investing in additional equipment.


Visual LCD operator panel

Laser-engraving-technologyThe use of the 1390 machine to laser engrave the sofa wood results in an artistic, finely detailed design with consistent shades that greatly enhances the quality of the product.