If you want to buy a laser cutting machine, you must look at a place that is China;

Because more than 70% of the world’s laser machines are produced in China.

If let me tell you why I chose to buy a laser cutting machine in China, I have many reasons for it. The price is favorable, and the manufacturers supply… However, what I am going to tell you now is good quality and high professionalism.

China’s manufacturing industry has already established a director of professional development. The manufacturers of laser machines, some are good at stone carving, some are good at cutting printed fabrics, some are good at cutting sofa fabrics, and some are good at cutting metal materials…

Therefore, when you purchase a laser machine in China, you must also pay special attention to choosing a professional supplier. Only in this way can you buy a laser machine that is truly suitable for your own use.

AMOR CNC laser suppliers, the main R & D direction is the automatic cutting of sofa fabric and mixed metal &non-metal cutting machine. In these two areas can give customers the best service, the most professional equipment.

The professionalism of AMOR CNC automatic laser cutting in sofa fabrics:

1, The self-developed automatic feeding system guarantees continuous and accurate feeding of fabrics, which can save labor input for the factory;

2, Independently researched and developed SFK series, SCL series automatic fabric cutting machine, to meet the different types of customer cutting needs;

3, The self-programming intelligent control software provides customers with automatic nesting and rapid change of template size. Manually takes 40 minutes to complete the work, through intelligent software, only 2 minutes can be completed, and the cutting program provided can save 5% than manual.

AMOR’s advantages in metal non-metal hybrid cutting:

1, according to customer needs to provide 150W, 260W, 280W, 300W and other laser power;

2, using the traditional system of servo screw, to provide customers with more rapid and accurate cutting.

3, Specialized production, perfect technology, low equipment failure rate.