Traditional furniture fabric cutting faces many problems:
1, cutting is not standard, defective rate is high;
2, Low production efficiency, long production cycle, unable to meet the individual needs of customers;
3, The high cost of workers, the difficulty of recruiting workers, and the high turnover rate of personnel;
4, Material utilization is low and waste is serious.

These problems have seriously affected the development of the furniture factory. If you want to improve the cutting standards, better meet the individual needs of customers, and enhance their own competitiveness, you need to change the current way of fabric cutting.

The advent of automatic fabric cutting machines helped the furniture factory solve this problem. In particular, laser automatic fabric cutting machines are widely used in the cutting of furniture sofa fabrics. How does an automatic fabric laser cutter work?

First, the paper pattern is converted into easily manageable electronic data; the model of the furniture factory is updated every year. These patterns take up a large amount of space in the factory, and are difficult to manage and easily damaged. Through the data conversion tool, it is easy to convert the paper pattern into electronic data, which saves the space of the factory and makes the model management easier. The customer only needs to extract the template from the computer and quickly manage the template name and size.

Secondly, it is equipped with intelligent control software; the biggest difficulty in manually cutting fabrics is typesetting, which requires a lot of time, and the typesetting scheme will directly affect the utilization of fabrics. Automatic fabric cutting machine through intelligent typesetting software, only need to input the width of the fabric, automatic cutting machine can provide customers with the best typesetting scheme in 1 minute, compared with manual discharge, saving the working time, fabric’s Usage increased by 5%.

Third, automated cutting machines for fabrics, cutting furniture fabrics have a big feature: long. AMOR automatic fabric cutting machine is equipped with an automatic feeding system. In the process of automatic fabric cutting, no manual spreading is required. The machine can automatically, accurately and quickly convey the fabric, achieving continuous and rapid cutting of the fabric.

Through the automatic cutting machine for furniture fabrics, intelligent management of templates, rapid automatic layout, and automatic fabric cutting are achieved. The production efficiency of the furniture factory was improved, the production cost was reduced, the workers were saved, and the competitiveness of the furniture factory was improved.

Through video, more intuitive understanding of what laser fabric automatic cutting machine?