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What is the configuration of SCL1630 automatic fabric cutting machine
What is the role of these configurations?

1.Automatic feeding machine, fabric pieces, and roll fabric can be automatically sent.

With an independent control system that can set the speed and direction;

Equipped with an automatic calibration device, the accuracy of continuous feeding is controlled within 3mm.

2.A ring-shaped netlike platform, the fabric can be automatically saved on the cutting platform, using a parallel grid structure, to ensure that the process of spreading will not shift.

Below the platform is equipped with a vacuum adsorption plate, the fabric can be firmly fixed on the cutting platform, ensure the smoothness of the fabric during cutting.

3.laser tube with power 150w, which provides strong energy for fabric cutting
The brand of laser tube is Reci, 90% of the user’s choice, with a more long-lasting service life.

4.CW5200 automatic thermostat system, to cooling protection of the laser tube and ensure the service life.Even if it is working in a hot environment, the temperature inside the machine can be controlled at 15-25 degrees, to ensure machine long-term continuous cutting.

5.Servo motor system provides maximum acceleration for machine cutting and has more stable performance than the stepper motor, so that machine will not lose a step during long time working.

6.Three-dimensional exhausting system.
The bottom exhaust system draws 80% of the smoke during the cutting process.
The upper exhaust system adopts honeycomb structure, it can move along with the cutting head of the machine and surround the cutting head, exhaust 20% of the smoke, so that there is no smoke and dust on the cutting site.

Users can also choose the smoke filter discharge system according to the external environment of their own factory, and can be used to filter and decompose the exhaust smoke using activated carbon.

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