AMO Sponge forming machine

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Project Description

AMO Sponge forming machine

Sponge forming machine:

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  1. The core components and functions of the AMO sponge forming machine
  2. Detailed description of product processing
  3. Detailed list of products
  4. Comparison between traditional processing and mechanized processing

Overall description:
The Amo sponge forming machine was developed by our company for processing inclined planes and arcs on sofa cushions. Made for processing sponge more than 30mm thick, the customized cutting tools result in quick, perfect processing for various sponge modelings.

Product features:

  1. Easy to learn and simple to operate. Merely push the platform to complete the processing.
  2. Convenient and efficient. The processing is rapid and reduces the need for manual labor.
  3. The processed products are smooth cross sections without ragged edges.

Sponge forming machine’s three advantages:

  1. It is equipped with dust absorption equipment and recovers sponge particles during processing for reuse.
  2. Tools can be customized according to sponge modeling
  3. The machining height of the platform can be easily adjusted according to the thickness of the sponge.

angles-of-the-trimming-knives1. Customers can customize the angles of the trimming knives.

the-detrital-treatment-device2. The debris from the processed sponge is be cleaned up as it passes through the detrital treatment device.

The sponge forming machine processes the sofa cushion sponge easily. The processing interface is smooth, without ragged edges. Production efficiency is greatly improved.