Cutting 8mm, 9mm, 12mm, 18mm high-density board, what equipment is needed for the high-density board cutting? The answer is high power laser cutting machine.Optional laser power: 150W, 260W, 280W, 300W.

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Nowadays, the specifications of the high-density boards are generally 1.22 meters *2.44 meters, so the recommended models are AMO1390 1300*900mm and AMO1325 (1300*2500mm). The two machines are equipped with high-power laser tubes. They can configure laser cutting power of 150W, 280W, and 300W. The difference is the size of cutting faces, which is designed according to different needs of customers.

AMO1325 model, effectively cutting the width of 1300*2500mm, a complete density board can be processed at one time, saving manual and material. If the customer has enough space and enough money, AMO1325 is the first choice for cutting the density board.
AMO1390 model effectively cut the range of 1300*900mm, cut half of it, then push the other half to continue cutting. If the userspace is not too large and doesn’t want to invest too much, choose this AMO1390.

The above two machines are CNC laser cutting machines, can be connected to the computer, and can also plug in the U disk work. As long as the graphic design is completed through the computer, the machine can be cut into the machine and any graphics can be made.

The machine has the characteristics of fast cutting speed, smooth edge, do not need secondary grinding,low cost and high efficiency. It is the first choice of the photo frame of the density plate.

Not every laser cutting machine is suitable for cutting high-density plate, must find professional high power laser cutting machine, the configuration must be the best.