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Amor laser as a professional supplier of laser system, is continuing to develop faster,higher quality. 
Our customers come from every country in the world and we keep good relations.
Why you should choose a Amor laser and CNC system, there are so many reasons.
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It is false economy to buy a laser machine that 'might just do' when for a little extra the correct machine for the job will more than pay for itself by greater productivity and reliability.

All our lasers come with the necessary 'extras' needed to run the machines. 

♦Amor Single-minded and Specialized to customers,offer a Specific and Timely service .
   We only sell for the international market.No domestic market . 
We offer the factory price and the trading company service.cnc laser

Save the cost and Short the delivery time,we produce the Sheet metal parts by ourself .

                                                       Amor Laser systems quality control process  
                    Amor Laser systems quality control process
Step 1.Parts test: Amor Laser parts that pass our stringent quality tests are allowed laser mahcines tubeamor cnclaser
to be installed into our machines.(
Guide rail and laser tube testing)
Step 2. Adjustment during installation: Use the special instruments,
we test and adjust the parts installed to make sure they are accurateamoramor cnclaser machines
and meet our quality control standards.(Guide rail and 
Driving part testing)

Step 3.Whole machine test: After the machine has been assembled,amor
our quality control department checks and tests the machine carefully and thoroughly.

Step 4. Machine run testing: After the machine passes the quality control check,amor laser cutting mahcines
we will run the machine for two days engraving, and for one day cut testing.

guality inspections
All of our CNC laser machines are fully checked and tested before leaving the factory for installation and commissioning in line with the applicable directive(s).

This will give you peace of mind as you will be purchasing a machine which is a safe investment and which demonstrates truly good value!

Amor  Laser engraving and cutting machine with high quality control process. Parts test  ,Adjustment during installation ,Whole machine test , Machine run testing .
 CNC laser machines fully checked

We are proudly to say that we provide the best after sales service for our Amor  Laser customers.
Customers never need to worry about the tech support.
The real problem is when you meet a machine problem and your provider is not able to or not willing to give you tech support in time.

Our in-house experts and engineers are ready for your remedy of troubles all the time. We will be glad to help you.


 We have many useful manuals and guiding videos to help the customers (especially for those who never touch a laser machine before) to become a master of laser machines quickly. And this will save you a lot of time. We strongly recommend you to watch these guiding  videos to learn how to use the machine in advance.
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