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  • Laser machine Optical elementsDATE:2016-01-20

    Laser optical system consists of A, B, C three mirrors and an adjustable focusing mirrors, lenses material selection of high reflective material, can fully guarantee the process, the laser power reach following, you can see part of the lens holder

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  • Laser machine motion systemDATE:2016-01-20

    Amor Laser motion system include :Guide ,Belt Transmission , Stepper motor ,Timing belt transmission, Towline

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  • Laser systemDATE:2016-01-21

    Amor CO2 laser selection Reci brand, with a light lasting stability, cutting energy, applicable to materials used cutting industry

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  • Laser water cooling systemDATE:2016-01-21

    laser in the process will produce a lot of heat, then you need a water-cooled cooling system for the laser cooling temperature remains within the normal range, the laser is continuous work to prevent bursting

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  • Laser machine daily maintenance DATE:2016-01-21

    Laser cutting machine used for a period of time cutting fumes, dust, corrosive effect on the rail, so regular maintenance guide

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  • Laser machine Optional auxiliary configurationDATE:2016-01-22

    If in your production process, often working several cylindrical object, then rotate the auxiliary is a great tool to help you achieve processing

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  • Difference between Weihong control system and DSP control systemDATE:2016-02-02

    Weihong control system and DSP handle system can meet the requirements on CNC Woodworking machine and CNC Stone router according to the processing needs to select the appropriate engraving machine operating system

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  • CNC Woodworking engraving machine maintenance methodsDATE:2016-02-07

    Woodworking engraving machine can be widely used in woodworking industry, advertising industry, mold industry and other relief, shadow carving and other craft industry

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