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  • How to choose the right fabric& leather laser cutting machine?DATE:2016-01-10

    Because of many kinds of fabric and leather , so before the customers choose the laser fabric cutter , be sure of doing the laser cutting experiments on their leather and fabric materials

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  • Laser Acrylic cutting advantagesDATE:2016-01-10

    Acrylic processing,use laser cutting machine, greatly reducing processing costs:

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  • How to choose the laser acrylic cutter?DATE:2016-01-10

    Before users choosing acrylic laser cutting machine, be sure to clear acrylic thickness processing Users can configure laser tube power, focusing mirror, cutting platform through their own processing thickness

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  • Advantages of laser cutting machineDATE:2016-01-18

    Laser processing applications with the advantages compare with traditional industries:easy to operate;high precision;processing cost is low;Flexibility

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  • Laser machine smoke removal systemDATE:2016-01-19

    The smoke and dust generated to the outside during laser cutting to ensure a good working environment, Prevent the soot particles cooled to the workpiece surface, the impact of processing effect

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  • How to choose a laser blow system?DATE:2016-01-19

    Blowing systems serve to reduce the material in the laser machining process temperature to prevent burning; improved process flow of dust, contamination and damage protection lenses; enhance penetration of the laser cutting optimization processing effect

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  • Laser machine Working PlatformDATE:2016-01-19

    Working Platform is in laser cutting and engraving process used to place the processed material, depending on the different processing materials and highly processed material

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  • Laser machine electrical componentsDATE:2016-01-20

    Amor Laser offer high qulity Laser engraving &cutting machine electrical components Include :Control panel and software functions,Control board,Switching Power Supply,Filter,Crash switch,External Strip,Emergency button,Motor drive

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