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Laser machine Optional auxiliary configuration

                                        Laser machine Optional auxiliary configuration

1. Rotating  device: If in your production process, often working several cylindrical object, then rotate the auxiliary is a great tool to help you achieve processing.
Rotation aids can be divided into two types:\

Jaw rotary device: Mainly used in cylindrical wood processing and other non-fragile objects, as long as the period of processing an object caught in the fixtures, you can achieve synchronization with the engraving with the rotation, and the jig may be based on material diameter section of the free expansion.

Four-wheel rotary device: Mainly used in glass bottles, pottery objects processing, the outer wheel with rubber material wrapped, with a strong friction, play a role in fixing material

2.Double heads cut:
If you want to buy one equipment, and also want to double the processing efficiency, then double heads laser cutting machine is your best choice. Two independent laser system, under the unified transmission control, can achieve synchronous material cutting or engraving.\
If you want the device has the function of cutting and engraving, then headed different power laser cutting machine can satisfy your needs, you can be equipped with two unequal power on your machine laser generator, one for cutting, one for sculpture.
Note: This function, only medium-format laser cutting machines and cutting can be achieved.

3.Red light positioning: Laser non-visible light, so a good time for cutting and \engraving locate, install red light positioning device, you can go first frame prior to processing, the red line can be clearly marked acts of laser engraving machine

4.Auto-focus function: Automatic focusing device with no manual adjustment of the focal length.

5.CCD camera: CCD camera designed to overcome the deformation of the flexible \material, research and development, in collaboration camera positioning visual system and cutting machine software, the cutting machine can be flexible subtle stretching deformation automatic tracking compensation, to ensure cutting accurate. Automatic camera positioning cutting machine at work through the visual system will be logo intake computers, through the process, you can automatically search workpiece positioning and accurate cutting, to avoid customer because not struggling to cope.

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