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Laser machine daily maintenance

                                                  Laser machine  daily maintenance 

1.The linear guide add lubricating oil .
Laser cutting machine used for a period of time cutting fumes, dust, corrosive effect on the rail, so regular maintenance guide.\
Turn off the power supply , use a clean soft cloth clean rail, and then drop on the rail lubricating oil, finished oil to slide on the rail rolling back and forth to be sure the lubricant into the slider inside. Do not be fixed on the finished oil to slide back and forth at the rail rolling about to be times then loaded on rail first, pay attention to install rails, fixing nails should all installed, maintain the level fixed in the belt and the slider, then installed lens, adjusting the X optical path.

2,Reflector, focusing lens clean.
Laser cutting machine used for a period of time, the smoke will adhere to the surface of the lens, the impact of cutting depth, will also affect the cutting accuracy. Usually \use anhydrous alcohol to three mirrors in a week , a focusing mirror carefully wipe clean.

3, Bearing oil.
Laser cutting machines use a lot of bearing, in order to ensure good cutting effect, some bearings require regular refueling, with a clean soft cloth to wipe surface dust on the bearings, the oil suction pipe with a needle syringe, then slowly inject with a needle bearing in when oiling slowly rotating bearings can be.

4,Timing belt (belt) elastic adjustments.\
Laser cutting machine drive system in a number of pieces belt, if the belt is too loose, there will be ghosting, if the timing belt too tight will cause belt wear. In use for some time, adjust the belt tension screws will be adjusted to the elastic belt fit.

5,Laser tube maintenance.
Acrylic laser cutting machine laser tube is the use of recycled water-cooled, after long-term use , there will be some white tube scale exists, we can add a small amount of \vinegar in the circulating water, the water inside the tube is removed, and then use a clean water inside the laser tube washed away through the bad, so the laser tube will be in the best working condition, life expectancy will be extended.

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