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Laser system

                                                    Laser system

Amor Laser system include :Laser tube,Laser tube bracket and laser power supply.

                    Laser tube

CO2 laser selection Reci brand, with a light lasting stability, cutting energy, applicable to materials used cutting industry.
            Laser tube bracket

Laser tube bracket ABS green plastic, can be adjusted horizontally and vertically accurate, stable structure, with patents.

        Laser Power Supply


1, High output voltage, high output current: When AC220V input, output currents up to 38mA, voltage up to 25KV.
2. Fast response: (gives a switching signal from the output current up to set current 90% of the time): ≤1mS.
3. Increase the laser power
4. extend the life of the laser.
5. The control is simple, you can choose a high or low level control: the use of TTL level to control the laser start, stop, while adding a protective switch detects whether the external water, ventilation.
6. The laser power control is simple: either with an analog signal 0 ~ 5V control the size of the laser power, and the available PWM signal.
7. Power itself has open circuit protection: In case of good protective earthing, the power supply can work in open state short-term, this can be avoided by the laser tube burst damage laser power, thereby increasing the power of life.
8. The power supply itself with feedback interface, can be used for closed-loop control, but also for the actual working current test laser.
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