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Laser machine motion system

                                                  Laser machine motion system 

Amor Laser motion system include :Guide ,Belt Transmission ,  Stepper motor ,Timing belt transmission,  Towline


1) High positioning accuracy
Using a linear guide as a guide, due to the rail mode to rolling friction, that not only reduce the coefficient of sliding friction Mocha 1/50, and therefore in the production process, there will be no slip phenomenon, can be achieved μm positioning accuracy level
2) Less abrasion, the accuracy can be maintained for a long time
3) Suitable for high-speed motion and significantly reduce the required drive horsepower machines

Since very little friction when moving linear guides, just a smaller force will make the bed running, especially in the work of the bed run as a regular round-trip time, more significantly reduce power consumption.
4)Can withstand the load up and down direction
5)Easy to assemble and interchangeability
Linear guide interchangeable, respectively replace the slider or even a linear guide rail group, the machine can regain the high precision guide.
Lubrication simple structure
Linear guide devices already on the slider nozzle, can be directly into the grease gun grease.

    Belt Transmission

Low-power laser cutting machine, low power, small format, use the belt transmission. Belt have good flexibility ,in the production process can ease the shock and vibration, motion smoothly without noise. Load is too large belt on wheel slip, thereby preventing damage to the other parts, play a security role.
       Stepper motor

1) Step value from various interference factors. As the magnitude of the voltage, the current value of the waveform, and changes in temperature.
2) The error is not accumulated. Each turn of the cumulative error is zero, so the cumulative error not step away from the long-term cumulative down.
3) Control with good performance, start, stop, flipping is done in a small number of pulses, operating within a certain frequency range, any movement will not lose a step

Timing belt transmission


Since the belt and pulley belt drive is transmitted by the engagement movement and power, between the belt and the pulley so that no relative sliding, to ensure accurate transmission ratio. Speed transmission line when up 50m / s, the transmission ratio up to 10, up to 98% efficiency. Transmission noise ratio is small, good wear resistance, no oil lubrication, long life.


To prevent cable entanglement, wear, Latvia, hanging and scattered, and often the cable into the cable chain in form of cable protection, and the cable can move back and forth with the towline realize that this can move back and forth to follow the towline easy to wear
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