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Laser machine Optical elements

                                        Laser  machine Optical elements

Amor Laser system optical elements include :Lens,Stand , Reflector frame and Laser head.

            Amor cnc laser

Laser optical system consists of A, B, C three mirrors and an adjustable focusing mirrors, lenses material selection of high reflective material, can fully guarantee the process, the laser power reach. following, you can see part of the lens holder.
   Stand a
\ 1.Optical target Storage Racks
2. Reflector
3. Spring locking screw
4. Adjust the screw
5.Adjust nut
6. locking screw a
7 locking screw b
8 The adjustment screw M1
9.Reflector lock piece
10.Adjustment screw M
11.Adjustment screw M2
12.The extension spring
13. The reflector mounting plate
14.Support plate
15. Base
Reflector frameB (Mounting plate different with A frames
Others the same)
\ 1. The mounting plate (can move around)
2. Locking screw

Reflector frame C
\ 1Reflector adjustment plate
3.Locking screw
4. Adjust the screw M1
5. Reflector adjustment plate
6.Reflector clamping plate
7.  Adjusting screw M
8. The locking screw 
9.adjusting screw M2

  Laser head
             \                           \ 1. Focus Lens inner tube
2. The intake pipe
3. Limit spirals
4. The gas nozzle transition sleeve
5. The gas nozzle
6. barrel
7. Limit Screws
8. The adjustment sleeve

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