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Laser machine electrical components

                                     Laser machine electrical components

Amor Laser offer high qulity Laser engraving &cutting machine electrical components Include :Control panel and software functions,Control board,Switching Power Supply,Filter,Crash switch,External Strip,Emergency button,Motor drive

Control panel and software functions
Laser machine electrical components
English operating panel operating simple and easy, just like play the games machine handle.
1,True color TFT screen that can display true color graphics processing on the panel, and can accurately informed coordinate position of the laser processing head on the panel;
2, Can be on the panel to preview graphics files stored in the memory
3, Dynamic display processing track and coordinate points;
4, The whole dynamic display graphic processing progress bar;
5, Can directly modify each layer of processing parameters on the control panel (such as: speed, power, etc.), and it can be modified layer parameters automatically preserved for later use.
6, Support continued carving when power off, hours Preview
7, Support for feeding, lifting, rotating sculpture

Control board
Laser machine electrical components

The control system has good hardware stability, has good resistance to high pressure, anti-static properties of interference.
The controller uses improve and optimize motion control algorithm, the processing speed and efficiency is very high.

Switch Power Supply
Laser machine electrical components

Switching power supply with small size, light weight and high efficiency, the poor quality of the original ecology of power supply (crude electricity), such as mains or battery power supply, converted to meet the equipment requirements of high-quality DC (Varitronix ). Power quality assurance process, extend the life of the equipment.

Laser machine electrical components


A filter is a device used to eliminate noise interference, the input or output filtered to give pure DC. Frequency specific frequency or frequency other than the frequency effectively filter, its function is to give a specific frequency or elimination of a specific frequency. Ensure sustained and stable laser machine in the process of.

Crash switch
Laser machine electrical components

Also known as limit switch, and now basically the choice crash sensing switch, more sensitive than the mechanical bull switch, long life, but it must be taken to avoid contamination of oil, played in a non-professional operation or error operation, the laser head protection.

External Strip
Laser machine electrical components


External socket, is a complex device in the most simple way to show in front of customers, customers like the operation of their own television, only need to supply is connected to the device can start working on the device.

Emergency button
Laser machine electrical components

Emergency stop button, the preset laser machine in an emergency channel process, when there is an emergency situation, no panic, just press the emergency stop button quickly to emergency situations
It can play a role in solving and suppressing deterioration

Motor drive
Laser machine electrical components

X-axis and Y-axis motors, each with a separate motor drive board stability can be quickly and seamlessly integrated into an automated testing and motor control applications, ensure the process of power.

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