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Laser machine Working Platform

                                           Laser machine Working Platform

Working Platform is in laser cutting and engraving process used to place the processed material, depending on the different processing materials and highly processed material, divided into: knives platform, Honeycomb platform, flat platform, Up&down platform.

     Knives platform
      Laser machine Working Platform
Reduce the contact area between the workpiece and platforms to ensure the quality of the laser beam penetrates

For cutting of hard materials, such as: acrylic, MDF, plywood and so on.

Honeycomb platform
       Laser Honeycomb platform
Astrong absorption function to ensure the material in the process of formation

You can choose to use a flexible material in the process of cutting, carving, such as: leather, cloth, plush, rubber sheet, paper and the like.

     Tablet Platform

Load-bearing capacity, resistance to deformation.
For some heavier material surface carving, for example marble. When heavier materials for processing, choose separable equipment for processing operations;

Up&down platform
          Laser machine Working Platform


Four screw drive up and down, you can control the height of the platform, depending on the device type, the transmission range between 160mm-850mm
suitable for some higher material processing, during surface sculpture, it can be equipped with this platform. For example: wooden carving.
Moreover,  if users equipped with a rotary helper must be equipped with the Up&down platform.


Customers in the choice of equipment,  informed of  your actual processing needs of our staff, We will recommend the most suitable for you.

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