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How to choose a laser blow system?

                                        How to choose a laser blow system?

Blowing systems serve to reduce the material in the laser machining process temperature to prevent burning; improved process flow of dust, contamination and damage protection lenses; enhance penetration of the laser cutting optimization processing effect.

Generally depending on the material, there are two systems to choose from blowing:

Blowing type                                          Selection terms

Medium-sized air compressor
How to choose a laser blow system?

1, Cutting thicker materials, in order to enhance laser cutting capacity;
2,the processing of some flammable materials, such as wood, leather, cloth, etc.

   Air pump
How to choose a laser blow system?

1, when carving on the material surface, the laser power is relatively small, select pump to meet the cooling needs;
2, blowing over the General Assembly resulting in melted material as a cross-sectional occur, such as acrylic, plastic, etc.


Note: The specific choice of which blow equipment, according to the customer's own processing needs, customers choose their own laser cutting machine, require  to our staff and explain their processing needs, special processing material can be determined by cutting experiments gas type selection, custom laser solutions of their own.
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