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Laser machine smoke removal system

   Laser machine smoke removal system

The smoke and dust generated to the outside during laser cutting. To ensure a good working environment,

Prevent the soot particles cooled to the workpiece surface, the impact of processing effect
                      Exhaust Fan
             Laser cutting machine


Efficient exhaust fan with a large diameter pumping hairdryer, smoke dust processing sites can be effective within the disposal, pulled to the outside, to ensure processing establishments environmental health.
                 Exhaust  cleaner
             Laser cutter

With the increasing emphasis on environmental protection, as well as many countries soot emissions laws and regulations, be equipped with a highly efficient purification will make your laser cutting is more environmentally friendly and healthy.
Advantages - purification: removing process, odors, and rapid elimination of processing fumes; environmental health: clean air, health promotion; to achieve processing facilities in the interior air circulation.
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