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How to choose the laser acrylic cutter?

                                          How to choose the laser acrylic cutter

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Before users choosing acrylic laser cutting machine, be sure to clear acrylic thickness  processing.Users can configure laser tube power, focusing mirror, cutting platform through their own processing thickness.

So what is difference?
• laser tube power directly determine the ability of the laser cutting machine
• Focusing lens of different focal lengths directly affect the vertical cross section of the material to be cut.

Following :

Cutting thickness
acrylic laser cutter
acrylic laser cutter for sale
Focus lens
focus lens
  Cutting platform
cutting platform
<5mm 80W 50.8mm      Knives platform (which can reduce 
5mm-10mm 100w-120w 63.5mm the contact area of the material
10mm-20mm 150w-180w 100mm   good and platforms to ensure the
          smooth process of).

Overall, laser cutting machine with power less than 180W, cutting acrylic less than 20mm perfectly.