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How to choose the right fabric& leather laser cutting machine?

            How to choose the right fabric& leather laser cutting machine?

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Because of many kinds of fabric and leather , so before the customers choose the laser fabric cutter , be sure of doing the laser cutting experiments on their leather and fabric materials.To evaluate in terms of laser cutting data, cutting effect, 

leather laser cutting machine pricethat determine whether laser processing is suitable for their products .

f the customer has identified laser cutting machine for their processing,recommended in the configuration of the laser machine is

As follows:
    Considerations                                      The reasons
Laser power: 100Wmorelaser power Fabric processing with high-volume continuous, so the choice of high-power laser tube, can ensure continuity of processing
Focus Lens:
50.8mmlaser machines focus lens
Fabrics are thin, no need  a large focal length focusing mirror (According to the material thickness)
Type: Automatic feeding /non-automatic If a large number of processing, and for the entire roll of fabric
recommended  automatic feeding textile laser cutterlaser fabric cutting machine
Platform: Honeycomb platformhoneycomb platform Good absorption, ensure fabric cutting
Effectlaser textile cutting
Auxiliary equipment:
Fan, pumpauxiliary equipment fan
Fully guaranteed in the processing of fabric leather.laser fabric