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Laser fabric &textile cutting advantages

                        Laser fabric &textile cutting advantages

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Laser cutter for fabric ,compared with the traditional textile cutting industries
advantages in performance
1, Process is simple, easy to operatelaser cloth cutting machine
2, High precision, good quality
3, Low cost, to maximize the use of the material
4, Low labor dependence and costs

 As following :

               Fabric laser cutter  Traditional clothing cutter
Efficiency Fast cutting speed, simple level,  continued for 24 hours  work, to ensure the production. More operational links, long cycle, that affect the production schedule
Machining program Processing is simple, just input the drawings to computer that can be processed; 
Processing graphics flexible, can easily modify the size, converting graphic style;
Machining program complex;
♦Modify the size and convenient graphic styles
Precision ♦Processing is no mechanical stress, high-precision machining
Small error (± 0.1mm);

♦To meet the production of some sharp corners, hole cutting and other complex geometries
 Artificial cutting, repeatability, low precision;
♦Unable to meet the product detail processing
Processing costs ♦Software automatically layout, reduce waste;
♦Processing of materials simple, low labor costs
♦Can not be typeset, waste material, high defective rate, serious waste material; 
 High dependence on manpower, high processing costs
Processing effect ♦Non-contact cutting, reducing the damage to the surface of the material;
♦Cutting cross-section ,automated income side to leave the border, no distortion
♦Damage the surface of fabric and plush, reducing market competitiveness;
 The incision is rough, leading  the textiles off the wire and cutting  hard