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How to choose the suitable laser wood cutter

How to choose the suitable laser wood cutter

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When you use the traditional tools of mechanical, unable to complete the more sophisticated, complex processing on wood;

When you can not meet the more demanding requirements of customers;
When you processed products face intense competition and do not have an absolute    advantage……..

                              Why not consider using a laser cutting system???

♦Choosing the laser power, in order to better meet the efficiency and durability of thewood laser cutter process, we recommend more than 100W Reci laser tube, this recommendation based on deal customer's choice.the specific choice of power , according to the thickness of the material.

 Cutting platform, we recommend the  Knife-edge bar table, with oxidation-treated knives platform, that decrease the touching of materials surface and platform during processing, ensuring smooth cutting process, the cutting achieve the best results;laser cutting models

The choice of the blowing apparatus,during laser wood cutting processing, in order to ensure processing interface does not appear coking, recommended optional high power air pump or air compressor;laser cutting machine for wood