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How to laser engraving &laser etched glass

                                                   How to laser engraving &laser etched glass

                                                                laser etched glass
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The laser can be engraved on the glass surface, but the engraving depth is not deep and can not be cut.Laser engraving on the glass surface with frosting or crushing effect
Most users want to get frosting instead of crushing effect, this depends on the texture of the glass, and whether the hardness are the same.

Glass engraving is difficult to control, in accordance with thelaser glass engraving machine
Following steps can make a relatively smooth surface matte effect:

Smear a little detergent on the engraving area, use a newspapers or napkins slightly larger than the area,

The paper completely soaked wet with water, and squeeze the excess water ,put the wet paper on the engraving area, do not wrinkled.

Put the glass on the laser engraving machine, engraving when the paper wet state, and then take out the glass, remove residual paper, then clean the glass surface.

If necessary, gently polishing the glass surface with 3M's Scotch Brite.laser glass engraving machine for sale

Normally, the laser power settings should be smaller, precision setting at 300dpi, engraving speed to be faster, you can try using large-size lens for carving. .

Note: When laser engraving on leaded crystal should redouble careful, leaded crystal and ordinary crystals have different coefficients of expansion, in the carving which may cause crystal cracks or broken.
Settings small power to avoid this problem, but still should always guard against rupture in case.

Clean, you can use a damp cloth to clean after engraving surface.

Coloring, can be used acrylic paint coloring.

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