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Winter Solstice Dumplings

                                                        Winter Solstice Dumplings of AMOR team  
                                                       Amor cnclaser

Winter Solstice(Dec. 22) , is an important Chinese Lunar Feasts , is a traditional festival of the Chinese nation, more commonly, the winter solstice in the northern Chinese have the custom of eating dumplings. As the saying goes: "the winter solstice to eat dumplings.

 Dumplings activity --- a time when the winter solstice, the tradition, at 16:00 on December 22 Amor 
staffs in the cafeteria on the first floor organized a "warming dumplings, warm heart" activities. Amor
During the event all the e
mployees get together to make dumplings, although the temperature is low, dumplings material is ice cold hand, but students still many obstacles to overcome, fun.
When a plate of hot dumplings served time, although it might not beautiful appearance, taste and not the top, but when you see it, our hearts are filled with full of satisfaction, that it is the common achievement of all people, our dear love witness. amor cnc
In the course of eating dumplings, also launched a quiz to win prizes and who are big eaters of activities, prizes much, but deep meaning, everyone is happy, because it is relying on our own efforts to come.

When a ray of sunlight in the winter solstice of our body, our bodies were illuminated warm, and when the night table hot dumplings on the table, our hearts are warm. Hot dumplings eat, the stomach is full, warm heart.amor laser

We Amor CNC Laser team will work together to make more 

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