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Amo-1390 laser advertising engraving and cutting machine

Product Name:Amo-1390 laser advertising engraving and cutting machine

Product Details:
Amo-1390 laser advertising engraving and cutting machine is ideal for a good sized work area for both engraving and cutting, with higher power for faster processing

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Amo-1390 laser advertising engraving and cutting machine is  a medium sized, powerful, versatile laser cutting-engraving machine.Ideal for those who need a good sized work area for both engraving and cutting, with higher power for faster processing.
♦Amor laser cutting machines can be customised for your specific industrial or educational applications and our machines can easily be adjusted for a wide range of materials. 

 Amo-1390 laser engraving and cutting machine adopts internationally advanced DSP control technology, which realizes the function of high speed curve cutting and shortest path optimization, improving the working efficiency greatly.
Equipped with precise rotary device and auto lifting platform, suitable for both regular and irregular round or planer objects, such as cup, box, cylinder with different thicknesses

Amor laser machines are suitable for cutting and engraving an extensive range of materials:laser advertising engraving and cutting MDF
•Acrylic MDF cutting and engraving
•Wood Machinery
•Model making
•Nameplates & plaques
•Paper & Plastics in Packaging Design
•Glass and Crystal Engraving and Etching

large laser cutting machine
1390 laser cutting machine knife-edge bar woking tablelaser cutting machine high quality rails1390 laser cutting machine laser tube laser cutting machiens lcd panel
 Knife-edge bar            High quality rails            Laser tube                           LCD panel 
 working table   
1390 advertising cutting mahcines data

Laser system  Amo-1390
Laser Tube Wattage  80w--120w
Work Area 900x1300mm(51.2"x35.4")
Laser Type Sealed Co2 Glass Laser Tube
Cooling Water Cooled
Speed and Power Control  Computer or manually controlled speed and power from 0-100%.
Computer Interface Ethernet and USB Connection
Compatible Operating Systems Windows XP/2000/Vista/7
Electrical Requirements 110 to 240 volts, 50 or 60 Hz, single phase
Standard Features
Air assist pump
Sealed electronic water cooling unit
Extraction equipment
Laser design software
Knife-edge bar table
 Emergency stop
Unlimited suppor
Optional Features
Rotary Axis(Used to engrave on round items)
Water Chiller(Improves the cooling of the laser tube)


 Amor laser advertising engraving and cutting machine workshop consits of three parts . Machine body welding area ,Laser Machines assembly area and Electronic assembly area.
Amor Workshop
 1390 laser cutting machines body welding1390 laser advertising cutting machines electronic assemblycnc laser cutting mahcines assemblyadvertising laser cutting machines storage
   Machine body welding       Electronic assembly          Machines assembly       Laser machines Storage 
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1390 laser advertising cutting machines video

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