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AMO-1630 automatic laser cutting machine

Product Name:AMO-1630 automatic laser cutting machine

Product Details:
AMO-1630 automatic laser cutting machine.Apply to the entire roll of fabric , large quantities of fabric cutting, application industry : process sofa fabric , curtain fabric processing , garment processing fabrics , automotive interior cutting etc.

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AMO-1630 automatic laser cutting machine

Amo-1630 automatic laser cutting machine, can realize automatic feeding materials and then cutting. Save processing time for customers, reduce labor costs.This machine working area is 1.6m * 3m,can meet on sofas and other large-format fabric processing , can achieve a one-time full-page processing to ensure the process of accuracy.
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Own a large-format processing capacity:
For large format  cloth and fabric cutting,solves the  problems that over format cutting, to achieve a one-time full-page processing.
       Without a computer:
Just to process graphics,
through the USB input to the engraving machine (which can store up to 256 working papers), the user can select a file in the engraving machine for processing.
Automatic correction system
 Solve the problem of cutting the fabric offset with long time.


Learn more about Amo1630 automatic feeding laser cutting machine, click on the video on the right side, feel the perfect feeding equipment and fast cutting

1, Crawler table with feeding system can be automated continuous processing;

\ 2. CNC automatic optimization of the machining path,can configure intelligent typesetting software, save materials and reduce costs;
 3. Configure high-speed internal slide, high cutting speed, and with a good effect automatically catcher function, greatly improving the work efficiency;
 4. Professional adsorption platform enables fabrics smooth during processing;
 5. Install the air filter unit, makes the rail maintenance easyliy;\
 6. Mapping software: support for CAD, CORELDRAW, PHOTOSHOP    software, friendly interface;
Amo-1630 laser cutting machine, using a gantry mechanical structure, processing format with open characteristics. It is a laser equipment for the realization of a flexible material Automatic processing.
Compared with the traditional fabric processing equipment, This machine with Unique advantages.

It can be processed for a variety of flexible materials: fabric, leather, plush.
Suitable industries: sofas manufacturing, tailoring, plush toys, automotive interiors and other processing industries.
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large laser cutting systems
Laser system  Amo-1630
Laser tube wattage  100w--150w
Work Area 3000x1600mm(118"x63")
Laser type Sealed Co2 Glass Laser Tube
Machine size 1820*1320*1090mm
Cooling  Water Cooled
Max.workpiece height  30mm
Engraving speed 0-1000mm/s
Cutting speed 0-600mm/s
Positioning accuracy ≤±0.025mm
Minimum shaping character chinese character 2×2mm  letter 1×1mm
Speed and Power Control  Computer or manually controlled speed and power from 0-100%.
Supported file formats BMP、PLT、DXF、AI、DST
Computer Interface Ethernet and USB Connection
Compatible Operating Systems Windows XP/2000/Vista/7
Operating temperature  0~45℃
Total power <1200W
Electrical Requirements 110 to 240 volts, 50 or 60 Hz, single phase
Automatic feeding systems:
Consisting of laser equipment,Our products are our engineers after careful installation, and after several tests, to ensure compatibility between the various parts, thereby producing a reliable laser cutting machine.
         Feeding Stand Crawler Feeding    Corrective devices
  \Cylinder feeding assurance  materials smooth during feeding.
Cloth roll can be reformed bearing feed, top and bottom fabric stent design and convenient refueling.

   \Crawler feeding, feeding to ensure the sustainability and fluency .

To ensure the precision when large-format fabric feeding and continuous feeding under feed . 
More systems:Motion System,  Optical elements Electrical  components  , Laser System

Standard auxiliary configuration:
When laser cutter is working, the elimination of dust generated, reduce the heat processing, providing part of the cutting carrier. Optimize the processing environment, protecting the laser equipment, which ensure the normal, long-lasting use.
       Laser Blow 

Blowing systems serve to reduce the material ..More
         Smoke Removal

The smoke and dust generated to the outside during laser cutting..More

          Water Cooling 

Laser in the process will produce a lot of heat, then you need ..More 

          Air Pump
              Exhaust fan
             Water Pump

Optional auxiliary configuration:
   CCD camera

   Double heads

     Red light      positioning
Automatic typesetting software
Through the visual system
intake the logo &patterns
to computer, after process, automatically search workpiece positioning
If you want to buy one equipment, and also want to double the processing efficiency...

The laser pointer shows the starting position of your laser job Makes the laser beam "visible"...   

processing fast layout, maximize the utilization of the material, saving the manual typesetting time while also cutting optimization program.

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