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AMOR Fabric &textile laser cutting machine

Product Name:AMOR Fabric &textile laser cutting machine

Product Details:
Fabric laser cutting machine is accurate processing for fabrics, leather, plush and other materials, suitable shoe processing, shoe materials hollow carved; clothing embroidered patch, woven label, trademark cutting,

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Fabric laser cutting machine is divided into automatic textile laser cutting machine and semi-automatic fabric laser cutting machine.
Laser fabric &textile cutting advantages :with a single layer, fast cutting, normal cutting speed can reach 5m / min. And it can be equipped with feeding devices, to achieve continuous automated cutting and makes feeding convenient.

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Accurate processing for fabrics, leather, plush and other materials,
suitable shoe processing, shoe materials hollow carved; clothing embroidered patch, woven label, trademark cutting, garment accessories ornamental engraving, drilling, trimming; leather punch, stake, etc.

Recommend solutions:
Solution1:Automatic laser fabric cutting machine  (70% of the customer's choice)

Model:Amo-1610Au   Amo-1630Au   Amo-1325Auautomatic cutting machine for fabric
machine details
1. Automation: The crawler stage with feeding system for continuous processing of whole textile roll, continuous processing can be automated;
2. Reduce processing costs: Replace the manual cutting, reducing labor costs; laser fabric cutting software configured intelligent typesetting software to reduce the waste material;
3.Improve processing efficiency: Simplify the production of laser machining process, the configuration tell slide, fast cutting, automatic catcher.
4. High precision: Automatic corrective feeding system to ensure the accuracy of 
laser fabric cutting machinesfeeding; Cylinder feeding assurance feeding process, the material of the formation;
 Non-contact laser cutting, cutting a small slit, flexibility , ensure a good cutting precision

Solution2:Normal laser textile cutting machine laser cut machine for fabric
Model :Amo-1610 Amo-1325

laser machine details
1. Semi-automatic processing: Enables automatic cutting of the material, it can not replace the manual put materials, suitable for small batch fabric laser cutting;
2.Multi-purpose processing: With Honeycomb platform platform, except cutting for clothing, leather, plush processing, also can working for the rubber sheet, paper and other materials, really good for customers who working with widely industries.
3.High precision cutting: Laser fabric processing with absolute advantage compare with the traditional fabric leather cutting

Compared following:
                          Solution1(Automatic)     Solution2(Normal)
Automatic cutting                                   Yes                  Yes
Automatic feeding                                   Yes                  No
Labor cost                                  Low               High
Precision                                  High               High
For industry Professional clothing, leather, plush processing. Multi-processing industry
cnc laser machines video
Our in-house experts and engineers are ready for your remedy of troubles all the time. And they will give you our suggestions and solutions. extensive user manuals,technical guiding videos, You can get to our service via email, telephone or fax.Amo laser cutting system will be glad to help you .

technical data
Laser system  Amo-1610/Amo-1325
Laser Tube Wattage  100w--180w
Work Area 1600x1000mm((63"x39.4")/1300x2500(51"x98.4")
Laser Type Sealed Co2 Glass Laser Tube
Cooling Water Cooled
Speed and Power Control  Computer or manually controlled speed and power from 0-100%.
Computer Interface Ethernet and USB Connection
Compatible Operating Systems Windows XP/2000/Vista/7
Electrical Requirements 110 to 240 volts, 50 or 60 Hz, single phase
Standard Features
Air assist pump
Sealed electronic water cooling unit
Extraction equipment
Laser design software
Knife-edge bar table
Emergency stop
Unlimited suppor
Optional Features
Rotary Axis(Used to engrave on round items)
Water Chiller(Improves the cooling of the laser tube)

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