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AMO-1390 Multipurpose laser cutting machine

Product Name:AMO-1390 Multipurpose laser cutting machine

Product Details:
Amo-1390 laser cutting machine, more than 50 percent of customer choice, cost-effective, short production cycle, the fastest five days can be shipped

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Amo-1390 Multipurpose  laser cutting machine

 Amo-1390 laser cutting machine, more than 50 percent of customer choice, cost-effective, short production cycle, the fastest five days can be shipped. the machine with the pass-through design, the equipment in the Multipurpose of cutting and engraving in a more inclusive, applied strong, That is why customers love this model.

    laser cutting machine \        \
Closed operating space:
During the machine working,
you can put down the top cover to view the processing results through the transparent roof area, to protect the safety of the operator .to be better sucked generated during machining operations.

Emergency stop button:
When an emergency situation, or when operating errors quickly press the emergency stop button, can be effectively controlled event.
Pass- through material: 
Front through materials designed to meet the processing of large-format material, breaking the machine format restrictions on the placement of the material.

1,Can be equipped different power CO2 lasers according to needs;\
2,Use of advanced DSP control system: continuous optimization of cutting speed, processing path, improve work efficiency;
3,Mapping software: support for CAD, CORELDRAW, PHOTOSHOP software, friendly interface;
4,Without a computer: just to process graphics, through the USB jack input to the engraving machine (you can store up to 256 working papers), the user can select a file in the engraving machine for processing;
5,Laser light path "three trans-poly" mode, the mirror is made of high reflective material, will reduce laser energy losses to a minimum;\
6,Funnel under ventilation system: to ensure the dust generated during machining fully absorbed, to ensure a good working environment;
7,Use of imported linear guide, with the precision gears mechanical design, to ensure that the equipment in a fast process of fluency and precision machining;
Amo-1390 laser cutting machine is the mostly customers choosing model, in addition to the cost-effective is very high, and  the processing format, which can meet different \power laser tube installation, and obtain a sufficient use , can cut large-format thicker material, also to meet the carved surface of the material.
Not  take up a lot of processing space, unlike small-format laser machine due to limitations format allows processing capacity is limited.
Laser system for different materials cutting, carving , hollow, and with respect to the traditional processing equipment has its unique advantages, widely used in the advertising process industries, handicraft production industry, leather garment processing, model industry, packaging industries.

It can be processed for acrylic, color board, leather, plush, cloth, MDF, plywood, wood, marble, paper, rubber sheet, plastic, glass and other materials.

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CO2 laser types for different materials can be cut or carved, refer to the following table:
  acrylic glass fabric leather paper plastics stone wood laminates rubber pluss
   cut     √       √     √     √      √       √        √      √    √
engrave     √     √     √    √     √      √     √     √        √      √  

large laser cutting systems
Laser system  Amo-1390
Laser tube wattage  80w--150w
Work Area 1300x900mm(51.2"x35.4")
Laser type Sealed Co2 Glass Laser Tube
Machine size 1820*1320*1090mm
Cooling  Water Cooled
Max.workpiece height  30mm
Engraving speed 0-1000mm/s
Cutting speed 0-400mm/s
Positioning accuracy ≤±0.05mm
Minimum shaping character chinese character 2×2mm  letter 1×1mm
Total Weight 300kg
Speed and Power Control  Computer or manually controlled speed and power from 0-100%.
Supported file formats BMP、PLT、DXF、AI、DST
Computer Interface Ethernet and USB Connection
Compatible Operating Systems Windows XP/2000/Vista/7
Operating temperature  0~45℃
Total power <1200W
Electrical Requirements 110 to 240 volts, 50 or 60 Hz, single phase

Machine systems:
Consisting of laser cutting machine , like our body, as there are multiple sections, and each section has a value and meaning of its existence, the difference is that humans are God-made, and our products are our engineers through careful installation, and after several tests, to ensure compatibility between the various parts, thereby producing a reliable laser cutting machine.

 Motion System     Opticalelements
   Electrical  components       Laser System
High positioning accuracy,

Using a linear guide as a guide, due to the rail mode to rolling friction..More
Laser optical system consists of A, B, C three mirrors and
an adjustable focusing mirrors...More
Control panel 
English operating panel operating simple and easy, just like play the games machine handle.      More..

Laser tube
CO2 laser selection Reci brand, with a light lasting stability cutting energyMore...


Standard auxiliary configuration:
When laser cutting machine is working, the elimination of dust generated, reduce the heat processing, providing part of the cutting carrier. Optimize the processing environment, protecting the laser equipment, which ensure the normal, long-lasting use.
  Laser blow 

Blowing systems serve to reduce the material ..More

   Smoke removal

The smoke and dust generated to the outside during laser cutting..More

    Water cooling 
Laser in the process will produce a lot of heat, then you need ..More 

Working platform

Working Platform in laser cutting and engraving process used to ..More

  Water Pump
     Exhaust fan
 Water Pump
Knife-edge bar table

Optional auxiliary configuration:
Rotary device

Double heads

Red light positioning
Auto-focus function
  CCD camera

If  you often working several cylindrical object, then rotate the auxiliary ... If you want to buy one equipment, and also want to double the processing efficiency...
The laser pointer shows the starting position of your laser job Makes the laser beam "visible"... 

Automatic focusing device with no manual adjustment of the focal length... Recorded images easy to cut ,Overcome material irregularities...

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