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  • What is the application of CNC Routing machine?DATE:2015-12-30

    CNC Router is divided into two types of high power and low power Low-power suitable for color plates, building models, small signs, three-dimensional crafts High power CNC router machine most suitable for large-scale cutting, embossing, engraving

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  • How to laser engraving &laser etched glassDATE:2016-01-05

    The laser can be engraved on the glass surface, but the engraving depth is not deep and can not be cut Laser engraving on the glass surface with frosting or crushing effect

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  • Advantages of laser cutting woodDATE:2016-01-10

    High-precision machining, cutting edge smooth and tidy;Laser cutting wood in the process is non-contact cutting, does not exist the scratch the surface of the material;To meet the complex graphics processing, and ensure accuracy;

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  • How to choose the suitable laser wood cutterDATE:2016-01-10

    Why not consider using a laser cutting system?When you can not meet the more demanding requirements of customers;When you use the traditional tools of mechanical, unable to complete the more sophisticated, complex processing on wood;

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  • Laser fabric &textile cutting advantagesDATE:2016-01-10

    Laser cutter for fabric ,compared with the traditional textile cutting industries advantages in performance

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  • How to choose the right fabric& leather laser cutting machine?DATE:2016-01-10

    Because of many kinds of fabric and leather , so before the customers choose the laser fabric cutter , be sure of doing the laser cutting experiments on their leather and fabric materials

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  • Laser Acrylic cutting advantagesDATE:2016-01-10

    Acrylic processing,use laser cutting machine, greatly reducing processing costs:

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  • How to choose the laser acrylic cutter?DATE:2016-01-10

    Before users choosing acrylic laser cutting machine, be sure to clear acrylic thickness processing Users can configure laser tube power, focusing mirror, cutting platform through their own processing thickness

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