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Amo-1212w two separate heads wood CNC Router

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Product Name:Amo-1212w two separate heads wood CNC Router

Product Details:
Amo-1212w two separate heads wood CNC Router is ideal for wood engraving and cutting ,The two heads that can run complete separate programs on separate tables all while being controlled by the same interface

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Amo-1212w two separate heads wood CNC Router is the most technologically advanced cnc routers in woodworking. The two heads that can run complete separate programs on separate tables all while being controlled by the same interface.with higher power for faster processing
1.The CNC router machine lathe with industrial pipe welding to ensure the high stability.
2. XYZ axis with  imported screw, high precision gear frame and linear square guide, ensure the high accuracy.
3. XYZ axis use anti-dust system,  prevent dust during  working, make sure the long  lifespan of  spare parts.
4. High quality driver motor, spindle motor, cables, inverters, etc.
5. Professional CNC control system, can compatible with many kinds CAM software.
Amor CNC woodworking engraving and cutting machine is suitable for :cnc wood router
•Furniture industry
•Acrylic MDF cutting and engraving
•Wood door Machinery
•Model making
•Nameplates & plaques

                 Motor and Driver                                                                   Watercooling Spindle
wood cnc machinecnc woodworking router
 CNC Wood engraving                                      Two separate heads            \

Descriptions                         Parameter
Working Area (X*Y*Zmm) 1200x1200x150mm(47.2"x47.2"x5.9")
Body structure Steel
X,Y axis structure Rack 
Z axis structure Germany Ball screw
Spindle power 3kw/4.5kw/5.5KW/8KW(Optional)
X, Y Resolution <0.01mm
Max Moving Speed 62000mm/min
Max Engraving Speed 30000mm/min
Max. Power Consumption(Without spindle) 2.0-5.0KW (According to the model)
Spindle Speed    6000-18,000rpmrpm 
Table style Fixture/option vacuum table
Voltage AC220V/50Hz
Drive type Stepper/Option:servo
Working  Dictate  G Code ,HPGL
Operating system Dsp System/option syntec or LNC
Computer Interface USB
Flash memory 128M(U Disk)
Software Compatability Type3/Ucancam Artcam
Running Enviroment Temperature: 0  45
Standard Features 1.Spindle power: 3kw
2.Working Size(XYZ): 1300 *2500 mm*200mm
3.Ncstudio Control System Controller
4.Fuling Inverter
5.Stepper Motors&Drivers
6.Z Germany Ball screw
7.Y with two motors
8. X and Y axis gear
9. Lubrication system
10.Taiwan Linear guide rail
11.Stainless steel body
Optional Features  

Amor CNC woodworking engraving and cutting machine workshop consits of three parts . Machine body welding area ,CNC machines assembly area and Electronic assembly area.

Amor Workshop
\  \
                           Machine body welding                                                       CNC machines parts
 \cnc router machine supplier                              Steel machine body                                                           CNC Machines assemble
Amor office &Team
To speak to one of our friendly staff members about any queries regarding the CNC Router engraving machines offered, please contact us.


 Amor CNC Router engraving and cutting machine with high quality control process. Parts test  ,Adjustment during installation ,Whole machine test , Machine run testing .

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                             CE                                                              FDA        

cnc wood router for salewood cnc router machine\
 Plastic film protect  machine       Wooden box  prevent  crumbling      Whole machine packaging
         Foam padding packaging                      Hammer Rivet  on                     Bottom formwork support

Our in-house experts and engineers are ready for your remedy of troubles all the time. And they will give you our suggestions and solutions. extensive user manuals, technical guiding videos, You can get to our service via email, telephone or fax. Amo laser cutting system will be glad to help you .

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