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AMO- 1325w Wood CNC Router Machine

Product Name:AMO- 1325w Wood CNC Router Machine

Product Details:
Amo-1325w woodworking CNC machine with high precision, high speed and more flexible The model CNC Router machine processing Max size is the length of 250cm, width 130cm,height of 20cm Mainly used in wooden doors, MDF cutting & carving

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AMO- 1325w Wood CNC Router Machine

Amo-1325w woodworking CNC machine with high precision, high speed and more flexible.
The model CNC Router machine processing Max size is the length of 250cm, width 130cm,height of 20cm.Mainly used in wooden doors, MDF cutting & carving. 

           \       \     \
                 Machine Bed
Steel, high temperature to remove stress.
Welded bed flexible, cost-effective for the machine provides a rigid and stable processing platform.

           Linear Guides
High positioning accuracy,
especially small friction coefficient, excellent lubricating effect,
Motion accuracy can be maintained for a long time. High performance and load capacity.
      Aluminum Gantry
Aluminum gantry with light weight, high strength, less friction.
Little damage to the actuator, a small resistance to the stepper motor Motor
Fast motion speed.
1.Amo-1325w CNC wood engraving machine is an economical and cost-effective products, widely used;
2.Vacuum adsorption working table, wood materials for the electrical, temperature, corrosion resistance can be strong adsorption of different sizes of non-metallic materials. single-zone processing can be processed simultaneously, improve processing efficiency;
3. Y axis adopts two-track machine bilateral drive, can be re-cutting;\
4.Transfer using USB embedded DSP numerical control system can be realized resume carving, power and memory function, standard 128M Flash memory, can be completely offline;
5. The processing speed fast, high efficiency, air-way speed of up to 45000mm / min, the wave plate for engraving, and up to 15000mm / min speed;

Amo-1325w woodworking CNC machine is one of the popular model that users choose for door engraving. Because just for the doors processing size, easy to use, fast processing.
Designed for doors, cabinet doors, solid wood doors,MDF, embossed doors, wooden craft sculpture, engraving and milling etc, engraving speed fast, high precision, loading capacity and long service life. CNC woodworking engraving machine will be selected by users of wood industry, cabinet industry, the furniture industry etc.

Learn more about Amo1530Wood CNC Router machine, click on the video on the right side, feel the perfect  equipment and fast cutting


large laser cutting systems
Descriptions                       Parameter
Working Area (X*Y*Zmm) 1300x2500x200mm(51"x98.4"x7.87")
Body structure Steel
X,Y axis structure Rack 
Z axis structure Germany Ball screw
Spindle power 3kw/4.5kw/5.5KW/8KW(Optional)
X, Y Resolution <0.01mm
Max Moving Speed 62000mm/min
Max Engraving Speed 30000mm/min
Max. Power Consumption(Without spindle) 2.0-5.0KW (According to the model)
Spindle Speed    6000-18,000rpmrpm 
Table style Fixture/option vacuum table
Voltage AC220V/50Hz
Drive type Stepper/Option:servo
Working  Dictate  G Code ,HPGL
Operating system Dsp System/option syntec or LNC
Computer Interface USB
Flash memory 128M(U Disk)
Software Compatability Type3/Ucancam Artcam
Running Enviroment Temperature: 0 - 45

Machine systems:
 Motor&Driver     Transmission    Control system     Spindle Processing tool 
Stepper motor   with the large Leadshine driver 860 No need signal feedback. Achieve a small step angle, more precise control.

Rack drive large capacity, high transmission precision and speed. Suitable for large-scale machine tool applications.


DSP handle control easy and simple
Make path on the computer then output to the engraving machine for working.

Low cost water-cooled spindle.
Good effect, temperature controlled less than 40 degrees
 No noise.
\Dozens of tools available options.
Users choose depend on needs .


Standard auxiliary configuration:
Auxiliary systems, is during CNC engraving machine running, eliminate smoke generation, reduce the heat processing, Optimize the processing environment, the protection of the elements of the device, thus ensuring the normal equipment, long-lasting use.
Grease lubrication system
Water cooling system
Working platform
     Dust removal system

Just push the button,
easy to complete regular maintenance. Easy to use, better machine maintenance.
 Cooling  water-cooled spindle
Ensure the machine normal work temperature
 Vacuum adsorption platform with hard materials.
Suitable for relief doors (non hollow)
Sucked the sawdust
during machine
to avoid contamination
of  machine,  help ordinary maintenance and repair work. To avoid damage to the operator.

Optional auxiliary configuration:
 Rotary device
      Double heads
    Servo motors
 Air-cooled spindle
 For working several cylindrical object,
Choose based on material diameter section of the free expansion.

Double the processing efficiency,install two or more spindle motors (Z axis) on a   machine,
On the same pattern can be double-spindle simultaneously.

Can control
the speed, location
is very accurate, low heat and low noise, cost is relatively high, suitable
for high-speed response requirements of the occasion.
Without adding recycled water, noise is larger.
With a fan to cool on its own, good for the users in cold weather region .
to avoid freezing.

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