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AMOR woodworking CNC wood carving machine

Product Name:AMOR woodworking CNC wood carving machine

Product Details:
CNC Wood engraving machine with the main features are fast engraving, powerful Woodworking industry are generally with high-volume processing and production, and working with the hard material , that requirements high stability of the machine

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CNC Wood engraving machine with the main features are fast engraving, powerful.Woodworking industry are generally with high-volume processing and production, and  working with the hard material  , that requirements high stability of the machine.
Wood CNC Router machine motor power into two series large and small .
Smaller power engraving machine is only suitable for processing color plates, building models, small signs, three-dimensional crafts and others.
High-power carving machine is generally used in fine processing and organic sign making.

mdf cnc routercnc router mdfcnc machine woodcnc wood router for salecnc router for woodcnc machine woodworking
Applied to the wood industry, advertising signs, furniture manufacturing, toy gift manufacturing, decoration industry, PCB production.
Woodworking: three-dimensional wave board processing, cabinet doors, solid wood doors, wooden craft, screens, window cutting doors, MDF hollow sculpture, 
relief industry ,More...

Recommended models:Amo-1325w/Amo1530w

Jig table, this table is to use plate screws directly pressed onto the workpiece, suitable for cutting, engraving process 
All steel machine body, using heavy machine table and gantry beam structure, structural stability
Full-axis rails imported from Taiwan, high precision rack and pinion drive, high efficiency engraving.\
The spindle bearings with high-precision ceramic bearings, low noise, long life

Vacuum adsorption table,square tube and gantry beam structure,    structural stability\
Resume carving, power recovery, processing time prediction function, the real user-friendly design.
Security intelligence, with intelligent processing cross-border protection, To prevent mechanical collision caused over processing format.
Perfect automatic grease lubrication system, greatly extending the life of the machine
Our in-house experts and engineers are ready for your remedy of troubles all the time. And they will give you our suggestions and solutions. extensive user manuals, technical guiding videos, You can get to our service via email, telephone or fax. Amo laser cutting system will be glad to help you .
Spindle motor

Divided into two categories:
Precision spindle 
Low noise, high speed, high accuracy, especially for fine machining of the workpiece, such as seals, nameplates, badges and other gifts.
The disadvantage is not suitable for cutting thicker material.

High power spindle 
 Mainly used for cutting, high-power engraving,
 Large power, strong cutting ability, especially for cutting word, three-dimensional character.

Divided into two types:
The Round rail
With high capacity, general precision, relatively low cost, short production cycle, easy installation features
Square rail
High positioning accuracy, rolling motion, lubrication easy, running accuracy can be maintained for a long time
Tips:Large format engraving machine must use the square rail ,its load capacity and accuracy is more than 30 times to round rail, to ensure a high-quality high-speed engraving machine.
6-zone vacuum table with T-slots
Put the workpiece, turn the vacuum pump, open the control valve, directly suck the workpiece on the table, you do not be caught with a jig.
The advantages : fixed convenient, saving a fixed time and improve efficiency.
♦More suitable for batch processing relief mahogany sheet, doors  manufacturers, adsorption block the door, and convenient carved, do modeling.
Woodworking engraving machine has many aspects of design software available.
Such as: Artcam, Wentai carving, Casmate-pro, Caxa, Mastercam, Smartcam, Type3 and so on. In all aspects of the software have different strengths, according to different products designs carved, choose a design software.
Descriptions                         Parameter
Working Area (X*Y*Zmm)  Amo-1325w/1530w
Body structure Steel/Square tube
X,Y axis structure Rack 
Z axis structure Germany Ball screw
Spindle power 3kw/4.5kw/5.5KW/8KW(Optional)
X, Y Resolution <0.01mm
Max Moving Speed 62000mm/min
Max Engraving Speed 30000mm/min
Max. Power Consumption(Without spindle) 2.0-5.0KW (According to the model)
Spindle Speed    6000-18,000rpmrpm 
Table style Fixture/option vacuum table
Voltage AC220V/50Hz
Drive type Stepper/Option:servo
Working  Dictate  G Code ,HPGL
Operating system Dsp System/option syntec or LNC
Computer Interface USB
Flash memory 128M(U Disk)
Software Compatability Type3/Ucancam Artcam
Running Enviroment Temperature: 0 - 45

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